Welcome to AcmeListings.com, ("Acme") a division of Apartments Illustrated, Inc.("AI"). By subscribing to AcmeListings.com's services, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions of use ("Terms"). These Terms constitute a binding contract between you, a licensed real estate broker or a licensed real estate agent in the State of New York and Acme. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms, please discontinue using this website and notify Acme that you no longer wish to subscribe to Acme's services.

Purpose of AcmeListings.com

The use of the Acme website is to aid brokers and agents who are looking to match their clients with available rental listings.

Cost of AcmeListings.com

The cost of Acme's service is determined prior to the transaction depending on each specific situation.

Acme reserves the right to change the price on any given month, for any given reason, providing the agent or broker is informed prior to the next billing cycle, and is in agreement, in writing through email or by letter.

Our Disclaimers

We endeavor to bring every subscriber the very latest update of apartment rental listings. However, due to the rapid pace of New York apartment rentals and the various policies of reporting rentals by landlords, neither Acme nor AI may be held liable for the accuracy of listings availabilities nor the accuracy of listings data.

All information is gathered from sources deemed to be reliable. Neither Acme nor AI may be held liable for any misprints, typos, or incorrect information in any listing. Users should check all information that may be material to any of their clients directly from the owners or property managers of each listing. Please be aware, many landlords adjust their asking rental prices "on the fly" based on the amount of interest that is shown on their properties. Owners are free to change their asking prices at any time without any notice. Therefore, prices listing in the Acme website should only be taken as a reference point and all agents should verify the asking rents prior to introducing their customers to the property.

Every landlord and managing agent has different policies with regard to updating us with new listings and reporting when listings are rented. Neither Acme nor AI are responsible for any listings information that may be outdated or incorrect, and which may cause your customer to fail at successfully renting any apartment.

From time to time, landlords may offer an OP (Owner Pays) on one or more apartments. Landlords may also offer other incentives or a combination of incentives to rent their apartments. Acme users know that landlord incentives may change at any time without notice. All incentive offers from landlords are strictly between you the user, your broker, and the landlord. Acme's sole responsibility is to endeavor to accurately pass on all landlord incentive information where it applies. Neither Acme nor AI may be held liable for any errors, omissions, changes or removal of incentives by the landlord or in the incentive information displayed on Acme listings.

All building photographs, floor plans, and interior photos are obtained from sources believed to be reliable. However, neither Acme or AI may be held responsible in any way if the images we provide to not accurately match the building or apartment intended to be portrayed in the photographs. All floor plan measurements are approximations and are not intended to be relied upon.

Neither Acme nor AI has a direct relationship with your customers. We will not contact your customers in any manner directly or indirectly. You may not put your customers directly or indirectly in touch with Acme, with the purpose of us giving your customer any information, advice, phone numbers, or any information whatsoever.

Acme neither knows your customers nor qualifies your customers in any way. We are not responsible for your customer's success in renting any apartment from our information.

Since all information is delivered by email and through our website, neither Acme nor AI may be held liable for any internet service outages, computer viruses, hacking attacks, denial of service attacks, or any other kind of mechanical or technical breakdown causing our service not to be delivered to the intended recipient. You may use our website solely at your own risk.

Acme provides a variety of informational emails about new availabilities to you, the user and/or your customer. You understand that you have complete control over the emails you choose to send to yourself and your customers. Neither Acme nor AI may be held responsible for any failure to properly deliver emails to your inbox. The emails are intended to assist you, and are incidental to all of the update information available on the Acme website.

Our listings may have links to landlord websites, document downloads, ads, or other websites. Acme makes no warranties about the safety of the links being free of viruses, worms or malware. You click on those links at your own risk. Any ads that may be on the Acme website do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Acme of the linked site.

While Acme will take precautions to protect your customer data, Acme makes no representations about it's system hosting or the ability of hackers to steal data. Using Acme is entirely at your own risk. Neither Acme nor AI may be held liable in any fashion for any theft of your proprietary data.

Limitations on the Use of Our Information by Agents and Individual Subscribers

When you subscribe to Acme, you are licensed to use our website and Dashboard to access listings information. You will be given a personal password to access your Dashboard. You, the agent or individual subscriber, agrees not to allow any other agent or broker in your office or in any other office to use your password or your Dashboard. You may not share, sell, gift, or otherwise give listings information obtained from Acme with any non-Acme subscriber. Sharing, selling, gifting, or giving listings information obtained from Acme to a non-subscriber of Acme's service is grounds for immediate termination of your account.

Agent and individual subscribers are hereby licensed to advertise any of the apartments obtained through Acme, up to a maximum of 50 listings per day, and provided that the full address and/or the contact information for the landlord or managing agent is not revealed in your public ads.

Limitations on the Use of Our Information by Brokers

You, the subscribing broker to Acme's services, hereby agrees that the use of our listings information is limited to use by you and authorized real estate agents from your office. The authorization of real estate agents is subject to the terms agreed to between Acmelistings.com and you, the broker. The sharing, gifting, selling, or giving of Acme's information to non-authorized agents is grounds for the immediate termination of your account.

Brokers who receive data feeds of listings from Acme are licensed only to use the data feed to populate the broker's rental database. Data feeds may not, in turn, be re-fed to any third parties, and may not be syndicated to any third party websites without the expressed written consent of Acmelistings.com.

Brokers are hereby licensed to advertise any of the apartments obtained through Acme, up to a maximum of 50 listings per day, and provided that the full address and/or the contact information for the landlord or managing agent is not revealed.

Brokers may use our data feed or listings to populate website apartment searches by consumers and prospective renters only with the expressed consent of Acmelistings.com. Such consent shall be subject to negotiation and agreement between Acmelistings.com and broker. In the absence of any such agreement, data feeds may not be used in a way that makes the data publicly viewable by prospective renters or clients of the broker. In no event shall the broker be authorized to advertise listings to the public that reveal the full address or contact information on any of the listings.


All information available on our website is provided on an "as is" basis. There are no warranties, express or implied, on any of the information or the performance of our systems.

Acme makes no warrants about the condition of any apartment or building, the cooperation or lack of cooperation you may experience from owners, managers, superintendent of any building, or any tenants still in possession of apartment being shown.

Acme makes no warrants about the legal status of any apartment or building in our inventory. Acme takes normal precautions to weed out listings in illegal apartments, sublets in cooperative buildings that are looking to circumvent the cooperative corporation's subleasing policies, or in condominiums looking to circumvent the condominium association's renting policies. However, any such apartments listed were listed in good faith, and the legal status of such apartments are not the responsibility of Acme nor AI.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances shall Acme and/or AI, any of the partners, officers, directors, employees, agents, or representatives be liable for any damages, wither direct or indirect, special or consequential damages for lost rentals, sales, profits, revenues or anything else arising from or in connection with the Acme website or any of the materials contained within.

Your Information

You hereby represent that you are either a real estate broker or real estate agent in the states of New York or New Jersey. If you are not, you may not use this site. Exceptions may be made by special written permission from Acme or AI for real estate appraisers or others with a direct vested interest in apartment rental information.


Your subscription to Acme is on a 30 day recuring billing cycle basis. You must furnish us with a valid credit card when you sign up for our service. We will continue to charge your monthly service fee to your credit card automatically on the 30 day cycle until we are asked to stop, in writing, through email, by the subscriber. Once a 30 day cycle has begun, and you have been charged the subscription fee, there are no refunds, partial or in full for that 30 day service. Therefore, you should notify us at least one day prior to the charge date of your monthly service renewal if you wish to terminate service. Please note: Your account is not cancelled until you receive a reply from us saying that we have officially cancelled your account.

Acme and AI reserve the right to terminate any agent or broker from using the Acme website, at any time, for any reason or for no reason whatsoever. If there is a accusation of wrongdoing on the part of the subscriber, Acme will not refund the monies paid to date for the Acme service.