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Can you clarify what the relationship is between AcmeListings.com, RDNY.com and Rent-Direct.com?

Sure. All three websites are owned by Apartments Illustrated, Inc., which was incorporated in 1995. Rent-Direct.com was the original "no fee" apartment website. The name Rent-Direct.com was dropped two years ago in favor of RDNY.com. Both names point to the same website.

After noticing the increasing number of brokers and agents who subscribed to RDNY.com for listings, Apartments Illustrated, Inc. decided to leverage its connections to over 3,000 landlords and managing agents in a manner that would be advantageous to brokers and agents in the apartment rental business. Thus the creation of AcmeListings.com.

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Should we be concerned that AcmeListings.com is affiliated with a site that does no fee rentals?

No, not more than working with Craigslist or StreetEasy would concern you. The world has changed. The web has given empowered renters to amass an incredible amount of information at no cost or at very low cost. And yet, most renters turn to brokers to handle their apartment needs. That's because knowing the real ins-and-outs of NYC apartments is a daunting task. Most renters want to find their apartment as quickly as possible, without having to become self-taught experts of our local marketplace. Like so much in life, we turn to experts to do for us that which would take too much time to learn, or be too complex, or too time consuming. We let the experts prepare our food, launder our clothes, cut our hair, and guide us in exercises. By the same token, Apartments Illustrated, Inc. and AcmeListings are expert in New York apartment listings. We've been specializing in this business for 16 years. Doesn't it just make sense to work with the people who know what they are doing?

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Why is Apartments Illustrated, Inc. now getting into the listings business after 18 years?

The answer is simple. The costs of doing business are constantly going up, which means that Apartments Illustrated, Inc., like any other business, looks to be constantly increasing revenue. We already knew brokers and agents were using our listings, but they were doing so in violation of the RDNY.com terms of service. It was a simple matter to decide that we could and should sell our listings to others in the business. After all, we all have different customers to serve. Back to top.

Why are some of your photos watermarked "RDNY.com"?

Answer: Quite frankly, for many years we did not foresee the coming of AcmeListings.com. So we watermarked our images to protect our work.

Virtually all of our images have been re-labeled with "Apt. for Rent", or "Interior View", but from time to time a few might slip by, which as they come in, will be re-labled.

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What types of listings do you specialize in?

Of course we have all of the large, luxury buildings and all the new construction buildings. But our forte has always been small to medium sized landlords. We have lots of rent stabilized apartments and lots of apartments in small mid-block buildings, both walkups and elevator. Because of our many years in this business, we can say, with total certainty, that we have a fair number of listings that no other listings service has.

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Do you need to be a member of REBNY or any other professional organization to use AcmeListings.com?

No. As long as your are properly licensed to rent apartments in New York or New Jersey, you can use AcmeListings.com.

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My broker isn't interested in signing up with AcmeListings.com, but I want to. Can I?

Absolutely. As long as you are properly licensed as either a real estate broker, associate broker, or agent, you are welcome to use our service. Using our listings will give you a competitive advantage over other agents in your office, but that's their problem, not yours. So just contact us and we'll get you started.

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Can I share my account with another agent in the office?

No. Our terms of service prohibit that. Our cost is so affordable that there is no need to share your account with another agent. At most, the cost of this service is $50 per agent per month. That's less than $15 per week. If you can't afford to pay that, you're really not in business, are you?

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Do we have to pay AcmeListings.com anything if we rent one of your listings?

No. Your monthly fee includes everything we offer.

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What areas do you cover? What areas don't you cover?

All neighborhoods in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

The only Metro areas we don't cover at this time are Westchester and Staten Island.

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Can I share one of my exclusive listings with other brokers/agents in other offices through AcmeListings.com?

No. Our program is not designed to facilitate co-broking. If there is sufficient demand for co-broking, we will consider adding that function to our program.

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Are there any annual or monthly contract with AcmeListings.com?

No. You may cancel at any time. However, we ask you for your credit card number when you sign up. We will automatically charge your card for the next month's usage on the monthly anniversary of your service. It is up to you to notify us, in writing of your wish to discontinue. After you have been charge for a month's service, that month is not refundable to you. So be sure to let us know ahead of time if you wish to cancel.

While no monthly contract is required, we are willing to offer a discount to any person or organization that is willing to prepay for 3 month and 6 month usage. Please contact for details.

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How often are your listings updated?

If you've been in the apartment rental business for any length of time, you know that every landlord is different. Some update us every day, some update us every 2nd or 3rd day, and some only once per week, while other landlords we have to chase after to get updated information. It's an ongoing processes that will never be 100% accurate, because we will never know exactly when an owner and renter are shaking hands on a deal.

But we promise you this: we will do our very best to keep all listings updated to the best of our ability. We also have a policy that if we haven't had an update from an owner within 7-8 days, we remove the listing under the assumption that it has been rented.

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Is there any limit to the number of customers I can add to my account?

No. You can add as many customers as you can possibly work with.

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Is there any limit to the number of changes I can make to my customer's search profile?

No. You can make an unlimited number of changes. Each profile change should quickly and automatically bring up the new set of found apartments for the profile.

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Is there any way to search the listings by the address, the building name, the landlord name or the Apartment ID number?

Of course there is. In the section where you set up your customer's search profile, click the tab that says, "Quick Find". In the Quick Find area, you can search by any of the parameters such as address, building name, landlord name, or apartment ID number.

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Are any of your listings co-brokes?

No. However, we do receive a small number of listings from managing agents who also have their own brokerage divisions. In every case, the broker is willing to rent the apartment without collecting a fee from your customer or you. However, it's always best to double-check if you see that one of our listings is coming from such a broker, just to avoid any potential conflicts.

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I use a mobile device while I'm out in the street. How can I view the details of listings on my mobile?

Presently, version 1.0 of Acme does not work well with smart phones. IPads will allow you access with touch activation as well as a mouse. Version 2.0 of Acme will include smart phone mobil devices.

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What kind of email alerts do you have for agents/brokers?

We have three different email alerts. We understand that on any given day, some of your customers are "hot" while others are still simmering on the back burner. You can chose to receive one, two or all three alerts on a customer-by-customer basis, depending on which customer you need to be most attentive to. You have complete control over the email flow.

You will only receive a new apartment alert if you have a matching customer. If none of your customers match a new listing, you will not receive an alert on the new listing. On each of the agent emails, every apartment detailed will show which of your customers match each apartment, and the alert will supply you with their contact information.

  1. Instant Alert This goes out as soon as a new apartment comes that matches one of your customers. You will see a photo of the building, all the basic information, and a link to a web detail page with more information, interior photos if available, floorplan if available, maps and more.
  2. Hourly Summary This alert goes out hourly, listing all apartments that have come in during the past hour for which you have matching customers. This is a good way to control the clutter of alerts you receive, without "missing the boat" on new apartments. All of your customer contact information is on each hourly email alert.
  3. Daily Summary This email goes out at midnight. It's got the day's summary of matching listings, with photos and links to a web page with more information, more photos if available, floor plans if available, maps, and more. This email is the ultimate in cutting down the flow of information to your inbox without losing out on what's happening.

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What kind of email alerts do you have for customers?

You can decide, on a customer by customer basis, if you wish your customers to receive new apartment alerts. The alerts from your customer receive will have your broker's logo and your name and contact information. There will be no indication of AcmeListings.com or any contact information to us.

The Instant Alert goes out as soon as a new apartment comes in that matches your customers search profile. It has information about the apartment and the buildings, but the specific address of the apartment is NOT given. Your customers can communicate with you about their desire to know more or see the apartment by giving you the Apartment ID number. Naturally, you can always search for the apartment by the ID number in the Agent Dashboard.

The Instant Alerts that your customers receive will NOT have a picture of the building.

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Can I set up Customer Reminders for any customer I choose?

Yes, of course we have reminders built into our system. Just click the "pencil" icon to edit your client, enter your reminder notes, and click the day you would like to receive the reminder. The reminders are sent out just a few minutes after midnight, so they will be waiting in your inbox when you start your work day.

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