About Us

AcmeListings.com was "born" in June of 2011. Owners Ralph Barocas and Laurence Rosenberg, founders of Apartments Illustrated, Inc.*, the parent company of no fee websites NoFeeRentDirect.com and RDNY.com began noticing that more and more rental agents and brokers were signing up with our consumer rental site to take advantage of the excellent rental listings and landlords we have been servicing for 20 years.

As greater numbers of agents began using NoFeeRentDirect.com and RDNY.com, they realized they had a huge benefit on their hands for brokers. After soliciting advice from numerous agents and brokers, they decided to give the professional rental agents in New York what they had been asking for; a top flight rental inventory combined with intuitive quick searches, customer auto updating, and lead generation.

*Apartments Illustrated, Inc. was started in 1995 by veteran New York real estate professionals Laurence Rosenberg and Ralph Barocas.

Laurence Rosenberg, President & Founding Partner

Laurence Rosenberg is a real estate professional with over thirty-five years of experience in the New York Metro area real estate market. His professional experience spans various functions within the industry including residential and rental brokerage, sales management and the co-ownership of a real estate brokerage agency. In particular, Mr. Rosenberg has acted as a sales agent for the New York based firms of Rodman Realty, Kanelba & Robilotti and Time Equities Inc. While at Time Equities Inc., Mr. Rosenberg served as the Regional Sales Manager of Residential Sales and Leasing, where he successfully spearheaded the sales campaign of several large scale co-op conversions in the metro area. Mr. Rosenberg was also co-owner of Swift & Watson Realty, a boutique real estate firm dedicated to servicing the specific needs of the Greenwich Village community. While under his direction, Swift & Watson Real Estate, which no longer exists, was the first rental agency to be admitted into the exclusive Downtown Brokers Association.

Ralph Barocas, Vice-President, Founding Partner

Mr. Barocas was the driving force responsible for the creation of BrokerNet, the real estate industry's first computer-based multiple-listing service. He acted successfully as a rental broker, sales and listings manager with various high-profile New York metro area realtors. Mr. Barocas founded Brochures Plus, a one-stop graphic design service specialize in creating low-run, affordale color brochures and original floorplan designs for the NYC sales industry (Corcoran, Elliman, and others), combining photography, desktop publishing, and in-house color printing.

As a real estate and visual design specialist with over 25 years of experience in blending technology and real estate services Mr. Barocas brought the blueprint of Apartments Illustrated, Inc., now known as RDNY.com (NoFeeRentDirect.com), to Laurence Rosenberg, who he met through work with Time Equities.

Mr. Barocas saw that more then ever, rental agents are working from home, fully responsible for their own inventory. Recognizing this dramatic change in the business, and the need for a true inventory of rental apartments without co-broking, combined with day to day web and mobile accessibility, Mr. Barocas, along with his partner Laurence Rosenberg, launched Acmelistings in June, 2011.